Most Frequent Questions Asked

What are the things to be considered in order to build an online presence?

  • Build an email list. One of the top ways to build your online presence is to create and grow an email list

  • Master SEO

  • Create value 

  • Be active online 

  • Analyze your results

  • Adopt new forums

  • Have a social media presence

  • Make a website

How much does a website cost?

Throughout your relationship with your Digital Strategist, they are constantly gathering information about your project to provide the most accurate estimate for your project. The cost depends on the amount of time used to design and custom develop your project. We offer business-specific products to help keep the cost as minimal as possible, but custom design and/or development work is billed accordingly. We’re happy to figure out the best plan to make your website work for you!

How long will the process take?

With our experts at our side the process of building you a complete online business presence takes approximately 1-3 months.

Is social media important for your business growth?

Social media has not only changed the way we do business but it opens previously-closed doors. With over 3.7 billion active social media users worldwide, social media platforms provide a massive audience for your business to connect with your customers, increase brand awareness, and generate more leads.


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