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When you kick off a new project, you’re working with a team of people – people with passion, families, and principle. We’re successful not just because of talent, we’re successful because we make a great, community friendly team.

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Our Story

Our story started when Vitaliy was asked to manage an instagram account for a construction company. Two weeks into managing he began to notice that after promoting a few posts, customers would start reaching out asking for the companies service. Eventually the idea of managing another company's social media account gave Vitaliy a brilliant idea of expanding this service to multiple companies all at once which led to creating a marketing agency. 

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CEO of VelikiyMarkeTech

Meet Vitaliy Velikiy, he is the CEO of VelikiyMarketech and our marketer in the company. Some fun facts about Vitaliy, he is bilingual. Vitaliy runs two separate agencies a Marketing Agency a Media Agency and a full online e-commerce store. Together he specializes in building companies / business a full bespoke online presence. Has a limitless mindset. 

Meet Alyona Misuira, she is our wonderful CFO of VelikiyMarketech and also is in charge of the social media devision. Some fun facts about Alyona, she loves adventures and she loves to hike. Her dream is to visit Paris one day and take a tour around the Eiffel Tower. She is a very organized individual and will strategically achieve all her goals no matter what.

Social Media Coordinator of VelikiyMarkeTech


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